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Advertise on the Buddi Website

To help offset hosting costs and (if possible) make a little extra money, I am selling ad space on the Digital Cave web pages. Some benefits of putting ads on these web sites include:

There is a varying price structure for purchasing advertisements. Please see the chart below for details. All prices are in USD, and are for a single page (except for the volume pricing, shown for five pages).

PackageCost / Month
Single text ad at Bottom of Page$15.00
Single text ad in Content Area$25.00
Single graphical ad at Bottom of Page$35.00
Single graphical ad in Content Area$50.00
Five text ads at Bottom of Page$70.00
Five text ads in Content Area$100.00

The only exception to this pricing scheme is for the front page (e.g. http://digitalcave.ca, http://buddi.digitalcave.ca, etc). The cost for these pages is double the listed rates - for instance, $30 / month for a text ad at the bottom of the page, etc.

While there is no hard limit to the number of links you include, the entire content of the ad should not be much more than a short paragraph. The final ad section on the bottom of the page will tend to be about 1/2 inch high; the ads on the sidebar can be taller, and will be fit into a box about 1 1/4 inches wide. (Of course, both of these estimates are for a monitor with a reasonable resolution). The other ads which are currently on the site serve as a good estimation of the correct size.

Ads are available either on the main Buddi page, as well as the Development pages. If you are interested in either of these, please contact me ASAP. Ad pages and locations will be allotted on a first come, first served basis, and the best pages will go first!