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Buddi is currently translated into many different languages. If your language has not been translated yet, and you wish to donate your time to help, read on!

Buddi includes a language editor which allows anyone to edit the translation of the program itself. To access this, go to the Preferences window, under the Locale tab, and click "Edit Language". You will be prompted for the base language and an optional localization. For the language, enter the translation you wish to do (for instance, Espanol or Deutch). For the localization, you can enter the localization code, such as MX (for Mexico) or ES (for Spain). (In general, if the base language has not already been translated, it is not recommended to specify a localization. You should only specify a different localization if the base language is already there, and there are differences for some terms).

This editor takes care of most of the technical issues of translation. You can enter special characters directly into the edit pane; you can easily see which terms have not been translated, are the same as the base language, etc. (Click on Help on the bottom of the window to see a list of color codes and their meanings).

The edited language files are automatically saved to the Languages folder in the user directory. This directory differs by operating system: for Windows, it is C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application Data\Buddi\; for Macintosh, it is ~/Library/Application Support/Buddi/; for Unix / Linux, it is ~/.buddi/.

Please give me feedback on the language editor, and let me know if you find it useful, and what changes you would suggest.

All translations have been done by Buddi users - if you send me a copy of your translation, I will include your language in the next release, so that everyone can enjoy it. I ask that any translations which are included in the main Buddi core are assigned copyright to me; this allows me to release them (along with the main Buddi core) under whatever license I deem best (currently GPL v2, although in the future I may move to GPL v3 or a dual licensing arrangement). If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me.